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Back-to-back fires have kept Kirbyville and Tri-Community VFDs busy on Sunday

At 1:56 Sunday afternoon, a call came through Jasper County dispatch regarding a rapidly spreading fire on the side of the road in a wooded area on Cr 459. Firefighters were able to get there quickly and put out the fire.

As soon as the area was cleared, a second call went out at 3:03 p.m. for a rapidly spreading woods fire on Cr 543 off Hwy 82 West.

Before units arrived at that second location, a third call went out at 3:07 p.m. for units to return back to Cr 459, in the area of the railroad tracks saying that there were several spots that had flared up.

It is believed that both locations were due to either a discarded cigarette or some other form of sparking such as a dragging chain. Kirbyville VFD Chief Greg Ellis said, "The burn ban is still in effect. Please do not burn. We are still dry and with the low humidity and wind, we are still in dangerous times. Even tossing a cigarette out the window can start a fire, so please think of your neighbors and your community before you burn or toss that cigarette".

Top row are images from today's first fire. Bottom row is from today's second blaze


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