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Apartment fire wasn't exactly an apartment fire...

On February 15th at 10:50 am, Beech Grove Volunteer Fire Department was called out to 9471 FM 2799. Dispatch said that there was a garage apartment on fire and the caller said that they didn't think anyone was home at the time. Being an apartment fire, Angelina River Fire and Rescue was also called out.

According to BGVFD Chief, James Gunter, once they arrived on scene, it was determined that it wasn't an apartment, actually it was a dog house against a garage apartment.

The caller was right in that no one was home. Gunter explained, "The dog house was indeed unoccupied as the dog ran inside when the fire started, which is how the person found it."

Gunter said that he did not take any photos.....and they used a whopping 5 gallons of water to extinguish the fully engulfed dog house, which was a complete loss.

No dogs (or people) were harmed during the fire and it is believed that the dog will rebuild.


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