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Another Burn Ban violation on Hwy 1004 West in Call

Photo of fire courtesy of ETB Sharp Shooter, Sherry Westbrook, and all others ETB.

The small amount of rain we have received lately has been nice, to say the least, however, it is still dangerous to burn anything and could easily become deadly under the right conditions.

Today just after 6 p.m., ETB Reporter, Sandi Saulsbury was traveling westbound on Hwy 1004 West in Call. On the right-hand side of the road, there was a large fire in the backyard of a residence. A call was made to the proper authorities.

Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department was called out along with the Jasper County Sheriff's Department. Once units arrived, the man was in the process of attempting to extinguish the blaze, but there was still a lot of smoke and embers leaving tell-tale signs of a very recent fire.

The address and the man's name aren't currently available, but the important thing to understand is, a burn ban is exactly that. It is a complete ban on any outdoor burning of any kind. Even if we have had rain, until the ban is removed by the County Judge, it is in effect and tickets will be issued, and/or arrests will be made.

Kirbyville VFD Chief Greg Ellis said, "Don't let a little rain fool you!! It will take lots of rain to get us out of the dry vegetation so please if you see anyone burning please report it to the sheriff's office immediately!

The small storms we may get will produce cloud-to-ground lightning please be aware of your property and make sure you don't see any trees burning or smoldering if so please report it immediately!

We have a ways to go before it gets better so please help us keep our community safe".


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