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Additional help for those who live in Jasper or Newton Counties, who need home repair assistance after the recent flood/disaster

Jasper-Newton Long Term Recovery was formed after Jasper and Newton County had several major flood disasters in 2015, 2016, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Imelda. Because our counties share a common boundary and the communities along the border are tight knit, this group focuses on helping both equally and have proven to be a great asset for our citizens when the water drains away and other agencies leave our area. This group is made up of Jasper and Newton County citizens who specialize in helping people restore their homes so that they can return safely.

Jasper County Judge Mark Allen said, "We have worked with them for many years and they only improve with each storm".

If you live in Jasper or Newton Counties and you need home repair assistance after the recent flood/disaster, click the link to apply:


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