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9th fire within half a mile is now considered arson

Just after 11 a.m. on Monday morning, the Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to Cr 459...again. Since the burn bans began, this was the 9th fire within a half-mile radius on Cr 459 in the past month or so.

David Littlefield with KVFD said, "Today's blaze is believed to have been a flare-up from a hot stump from the fire yesterday".

Allen Sherwin, a homeowner on the road said, "I sure wish they would catch that firebug! On days like today with the wind blowing like it is, it could be really bad".

Kirbyville Fire Chief, Greg Ellis said, "I can confirm that this is arson. I've spoken to Jasper County Sheriff's Department and they have agreed to step up patrol in the area. Also, we are installing hidden cameras in different areas, not just here. That way we will have the evidence needed to convict". Ellis added, "We feel like we already know who the arsonist is. Once an arrest is made, it won't go easy on this person. You can't just go around setting fires like this and not see serious consequences for your actions. They're lucky that someone hasn't been seriously injured or killed, otherwise, charges would be much worse than they already will be".


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