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9/11 living memorial of patriotism in honor of those lost on that fateful day 22 years ago

September 11, 2023

Photo courtesy of EBT Sharp Shooter Nikisha Traylor

In a show of patriotism not commonly seen these days, 49-year-old James Hill of Kirbyville was seen hiking in memory of the 2,977 lives lost 22 years ago today.

Beginning in Buna, Hill hiked up Hwy 96 all the way to his home in Kirbyville; 22 miles away. That is 22 miles for each of the 22 years since the tragic event.

The temperature was more forgiving today than it has been in recent weeks, at 90 degrees, but that's 90 scorching degrees wearing military-issued fatigues complete with a backpack under the pounding Texas sun carrying the beloved American Flag.

When asked the reason for his quest, Hill said, "I served 26 years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. 17 of those years were spent as a Marine Hospital Corpsman and I am marching in memory of those 2,977 people that we lost 22 years ago".

Hill honorably served during that perilous time in American history, and it is an honorable thing as well that he is doing today.

From all of us here at the East Texas Banner, "Thank you Mr. Hill for your service to our country and for the poignant reminder you have given us today on this solemn occasion."


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