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3rd fire in 3 days at one location for Kirbyville

Kirbyville Volunteer Fire 2nd Assistant Chief Jeromy Richardson said that while he and others were at the fire station this evening, a man came by to let them know that a small grass fire had been discovered on Cr. 559 in Kirbyville.

The crew went to the location and mopped it up pretty quickly, but the thing is, this is the third fire in this location in as many days. This has become commonplace. Sometimes grass, trees, or brush can reignite, however, Richardson said that they are unsure what is happening in this case.

As Kirbyville VFD Chief Greg Ellis recently said, "Be careful and be aware. If you see something say something." In cases like this, KVFD was able to put the fire out quickly. Had the man not 'said something', it could have been a much more dangerous situation.


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